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Three reasons to choose MobileCorp for Essential 8 as-a-service

22 Nov 2022

It's time we had the cyber security talk. 

You may have been putting this off because you think it will be time-consuming, complex, and costly. But it won't be with MobileCorp Essential 8 as-a-Service.

MobileCorp has launched two new Essential 8 as-a-Service products which are affordable, easily understood and designed to remove workload from lean IT teams.

They are Essential 8 Audit as-a-Service and Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service.

Here are three reasons to look closer at our approach to mitigating your cyber security risk and making you Essential 8 compliant.

Reason 1 - cyber security without the time demands on your lean IT team

So many cyber security solutions on the market seem to be stuck in the dark ages of workshops, manual checklists, and never-ending spreadsheets. 

We live in a digital age with cyber criminals who are constantly pushing the boundaries to infiltrate our systems. They are not doing it with a pen and paper checklist.

If we are to be successful in fighting against these adversaries we need to be utilising the latest digital tools to do so.


MobileCorp's Essential 8 as-a-Service solutions utilise the latest enterprise-grade proprietary auditing software and automates the monitoring of your systems, gathering the data needed to identify threat vectors. Our remediation as-a-Service is like having an additional pair of hands - or three as required.

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Reason 2 - cyber security without unnecessary complexity

Sleep easier knowing that your organisation has the essential protections in place.

Essential 8 is a framework that business can rely on to mitigate risk and meet cyber security compliance benchmarks.

It was formulated by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD), now renamed the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) and has been adopted by Government as the baseline risk mitigation strategies that ALL organisations should put in place to protect against cyber threats. 

MobileCorp's Essential 8 as-a-Service solutions are not rocket science. You don't have to be a tech guru to understand the reporting or roadmaps that we will provide. 

You will retain full visibility of your security posture and risk level at all times. We will help you to understand how to best protect your people, processes, infrastructure, and reputation. 

E8 as a service Pros and Cons

Reason 3 - cyber security without the enormous price tag

It is not unusual to find a price tag of $20k+ for a cyber security audit, with the remediation work costing an additional arm and leg. 

It is perhaps understandable that many cyber audits are expensive. When the audit is manual, human-centric, and focused on lengthy checklists and spreadsheets, the price tag is always going to be high.

MobileCorp keeps costs within reach of businesses of all sizes by utilising proprietary cyber security auditing software to assess the environment for compliance. No time-expensive human chores and checklists.  

After the initial purchase of the audit software licences and the integration with your data sources, your environment is monitored continuously and a fully managed audit is completed each month for a set monthly fee regardless of the number of endpoints.

Remediation works are also billed in a manageable style by MobileCorp with an hourly package starting from 25 hours per month.. This is recommended as suitable for organisations with less than 100 seats.


What are MobileCorp's Essential 8 as-a-Service solutions

MobileCorp delivers the Essential 8 for your organisation as a choice of two enterprise-grade E8-as-a-Service solutions.

  • Essential 8 Audit-as-a-Service utilises enterprise-grade software to automate and report on the status of your security posture against the Essential 8 controls, identifying vulnerabilities, and providing a clear pathway to risk mitigation and security uplift. 

  • Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service goes one giant step further. It is like having your own inhouse Essentials 8 security team. We take that E8 Audit and go to work plugging the gaps, shoring up the walls, and strengthening your cyber security posture. We work to improve your ACSC Essential 8 Maturity Level until we reach Level 3.

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Essential 8 Audit-as-a-Service

Be on top of your cyber risk and compliance at all times 

For organisations with growing IT governance obligations, the Essential 8 Audit-as-a-Service will form the foundation of your security compliance, benchmarking, and uplift program.

Audit-as-a-Service automates and accurately reports on the status of your risk management efforts against the E8 controls. It

  • provides full visibility of your entire organisation and its endpoints, at any time.
  • pinpoints areas of concern with ‘gap analysis’ and ‘non-compliant’ reporting.
  • provides an evidential trail of performance in risk mitigation and remediation.
  • provides a Maturity Level score against the ACSC framework in  minutes.

Essential 8 Audit-as-a-Service Benefits

E8 Audit as a Service highlights

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Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service

Like having your own inhouse E8 cyber security team 

MobileCorp's Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service is like having your own inhouse E8 cyber security team.

MobileCorp becomes your single point of contact and assumes responsibility for all E8 cyber security monitoring, compliance, governance, audits, reporting and remediation.

You will have access to our Cyber Security Support Desk manned by our expert security engineers and based at our Mascot, Sydney office. 

You will be audited fortnightly and retain full visibility of your E8 vulnerabilities and risk level, and have an evidential trail of mitigation activity.

MobileCorp will undertake all remediation work to protect and uplift your E8 security posture with the aim of moving your environment towards ACSC E8 Maturity Level 3.


Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service Benefits

E8 Remediation as a Service benefits

Essential 8 Remediation-as-a-Service Scope

MobileCorp will monitor and audit the Essential 8 environment and perform all remediation work to address vulnerabilities that are identified across the eight controls.

We will work with you to improve your ACSC Maturity Level.

How will we do this? For each of the Essential 8 controls we will undertake a range of activities to ensure you are meeting the ACSC benchmarks. 

Often organisations have the capability but not the resource inhouse to get this remediation work completed as quickly as the Essential 8 framework requires. 

MobileCorp's Remediation as-a-Service is supplying additional cyber security expertise but also more physical hours to undertake the continuous work needed to stay safe. 

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MobileCorp as your Essential 8 Managed Security Service Provider

MobileCorp is a trusted ICT MSP and MSSP with over 30 years’ of partnering with Australian organisations large and small.

Based in Mascot Sydney, we serve organisations nationwide and across the APAC region.

Our capabilities cover Managed IT Services, 5G and Wireless WAN, Data Networks, Managed Enterprise Mobility, and Unified Communications.

We have a proven track record working with over 450 Australian enterprise and business organisations and we are a Telstra Platinum Partner.

We are well placed to

  • independently audit your Essential 8 environment
  • remediate your E8 gaps
  • lead you to E8 Maturity Level 3

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About MobileCorp

MobileCorp is an enterprise ICT solutions company with a mission to deliver our customers a communications technology edge. We provide Essentials 8 as-a-Service, Managed Mobility Services, Enterprise Mobility Management, Complex Data and IP Networks, and Unified Communication solutions. We have a proven track record providing managed services for Australian enterprise and business, and we are a Telstra Platinum Partner. 

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