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MobileCorp kicks off 2021 with NSW Government ICT Services Scheme Accreditation

08 Feb 2021

MobileCorp has kick-started 2021 by achieving Advanced Supplier accreditation from the NSW Government for the ICT Services Scheme 0020.


The Advanced Supplier Register accreditation approves MobileCorp to deliver ICT projects with a value up to and exceeding AUD $150,000 to New South Wales LGAs and State Government departments.

The accreditation recognises proven capability and experience in delivering ICT-related projects.

Each category that has been approved, required proof of execution, with references from at least two organisations for projects completed within the past three years.


MobileCorp Approved Supplier Categories


A  - Architecture and Design
A 01 Enterprise and Business Architecture
A 02 Information Architecture
A 03 Solution Architecture
B - Benchmarking
B 01  Benchmarking
D - End User Computing
D 01 Installation, Configuration and Maintenance including 'delivery as a service'
D 02 Management including 'delivery as a service'
D 03 Hardware including 'delivery as a service'
  Monitors including 'delivery as a service'
  Other  Devices including 'delivery as a service'
E - Strategy
E 01 ICT Strategy
E 02 Procurement Management
E 03 Efficiency and Optimisation
G - Other ICT Services
G 01 Mobile Devices including 'delivery as a service'
G 03 Telephony including 'delivery as a service'
I - ICT Programs
I 01 Program Office Standards
I 02 Project, Program and Portfolio Management
I 03 Change Management
I 04 Quality Assurance and Compliance
M - Systems and Solutions
M 01 Business Analysis
M 04 Other Software services including 'delivery as a service'
M 07 Software Support and Maintenance services including 'delivery as a service'
M 09 Software Reseller and Software Asset Management
N - Software Licences
N 01 Infrastructure and Utilities Software
N 02 Software Applications
N 03 Communications and Security Software
O - Telecommunications Services
O 01 Fixed Line Voice Services
O 02 Fixed Line Data Services
O 03 Mobile Services ( including mobile data)
O 04 Satellite Services
O 05 Management and Maintenance Services
P - Telecommunications Equipment
P 01 Fixed, Mobile, Satellite, Networking Equipment
Q - ERP and Related Corporate and Shared Services
Q 01 Professional Services
Q 02 ERP Software and Platform as a Service


MobileCorp Managed Services  

MobileCorp Managed Services headings 2021


MobileCorp is delivering mobile-first solutions to LGAs

MobileCorp has been engaging with an increased number of local government councils in the past 12 months delivering Managed Mobility services, VMware and Microsoft EMM projects, and Enterprise Wireless networks.

This NSW Government accreditation will allow further expansion of our professional and managed services into the local government sector, says MobileCorp CTO, Phill McSherry.

MobileCorp-NSW Government ICT Services Scheme

"We have been working with several local councils in the past six  months - building a VMware Workspace ONE instance for one, and providing an ongoing managed mobility solution with telecom expense management for another.

"We have also been discussing enterprise wireless hardware configuration with another.

"It made sense for us to apply for the Advanced Supplier accreditation so that we can expand the depth and range of services we offer to LGAs." 

Phill McSherry, MobileCorp CTO

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About MobileCorp

MobileCorp is an enterprise ICT solutions company with a mission to deliver our customers a communications technology edge. We provide Managed Mobility Services, Enterprise Mobility Management, Complex Data and IP Networks, and Unified Communication solutions. We have a proven track record providing managed services for Australian enterprise and business, and we are a Telstra Platinum Partner. 

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