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MobileCorp has three finalists in the Women in ICT Awards 2023

05 Apr 2023

MobileCorp has three outstanding team members who are finalists in the Women in ICT awards for 2023.  Congratulations to Michelle Lewis, Anna Acopian and Daphne Dominic for this deserved recognition of talent and commitment. 

WIICTA MobileCorp Finalists


Michelle Lewis - Shining Star Award

This award recognises an established candidate with a strong record of achievement, acknowledging excellence in spearheading company initiatives and driving strategic change. This individual is a consistent high performer who regularly achieves standout business results and continues to assume increased levels of seniority within the organisation. Note: This award is open to candidates with between 11-20 years’ experience within the ICT industry.

Extract from Nomination

When Michelle joined MobileCorp we had been on a painful 18-month search for our very first marketing director. We were looking for a candidate that would bring a new perspective to our leadership team, drive new revenue streams, and raise our profile in the industry.

Michelle has 16 years’ experience in B2B technology marketing. We had long admired her work from afar and it was our efforts to replicate what she was achieving elsewhere that was driving our search. 

The expertise and experience she has brought to MobileCorp, and her achievements have been a significant factor in MobileCorp’s strong growth through the Covid period and are proving critical in the recovery era.

Since her appointment as our inaugural Marketing Director, Michelle has led the external repositioning of our company. We were a Telstra Platinum Mobility Partner known only inside the Telstra eco-system and mostly for mobility service fulfilment. We have pivoted significantly and now announce ourselves confidently as a full-service communications technology MSP, with 5G, UC, and Essential 8 security specialisations.

Michelle has driven our re-positioning with strategic clarity. She has shone a light on MobileCorp, providing us with the visibility and recognition that the company deserves but had not previously enjoyed.

At a tactical level she has grown our website traffic by 833% and is generating regular new business opportunities from that growth. She has launched new MobileCorp products into the market including our 5G for Business, Cloud Telephony and Essential 8 solutions. She has been critical to MobileCorp winning multiple awards including Telstra Enterprise Innovation Partner in 2021, Cradlepoint APAC MSP 2022, and being a finalist x4 in the ARN Innovation Awards and IT News Impact Awards 2023.

Michelle Lewis WIICTA finalist 2023 blog image


Anna Acopian - Entrepreneur Award

This award recognises an enterprising candidate with a risk-taking mentality, honouring excellence in launching new ventures, products or services. This individual has a proven background in building innovation from the ground up, evident through converting market-leading ideas into viable business offerings.

Extract from Nomination

Anna is an entrepreneurial force. She is single-minded and determined and inspires people to work together in pursuit of a common goal.

When Anna arrived at MobileCorp a year ago she had her sights firmly set on executing product development and a GTM strategy for a cyber security risk management solution focused on the ACSC-defined Essential 8 controls.

Anna had observed that the cyber security GRC Essential 8 solutions on the market were time-consuming, complex, and expensive. Based mostly on manual checklists of activity, they required significant data input from internal IT teams.

Anna adopted an entrepreneurial mindset from the outset beginning with a determination to educate and upskill herself so she could lead product development and GTM execution. She enrolled in the Harvard Business School Graduate Certificate in Cyber Security Risk, Governance, Cyber Law and Mitigation Strategy and passed with High Distinction.

She has now spent the last year leading a MobileCorp team in developing an Essential-8-as-a-Service cyber security product. The solution is unlike others on the market being highly replicable and comparatively inexpensive.

Anna has created a competitive point of differentiation by utilising software to automate the audit of the E8 environment. An Essential 8 Audit is just a snapshot in time and to be most valuable needs to be repeated regularly and consistently. Anna’s approach in automating the audit process will allow these to be performed in hours and without input from the customer.

This solution has the potential to disrupt the market and bring Essential 8 compliance within the reach of LGAs and smaller organisations. It will also give larger organisations independent oversight and an evidential history of Essential 8 compliance and remediation improvements.

Anna has developed a MobileCorp managed service solution providing an end-to-end audit and remediation solution for customers and a valuable new revenue stream for MobileCorp.

Anna Acopian Finalist WIICTA blog


Daphne Dominic - Innovation Award

This award recognises a creative-thinking candidate who is a standout in bringing innovation to life through a big-picture and out-of-the-box approach to business. This individual is unrivalled at converting embryonic ideas into viable working solutions through a unique thought process designed to continually push the envelope.

Extract from Nomination

Daphne started her ICT career in early 2017 after graduating with a Master of Information and Communications Technology (Advanced) from Western Sydney University. That was on top of her Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science - Engineering.

Daphne is one of those rare humans who can make data come alive and be interesting and relevant for even the most numbers-averse operator.

She has a genuine desire to provide actionable data-driven insights, which are developed from and complement the detailed minutiae of multiple data points and line items incapsulated in her reporting.

Daphne has been at MobileCorp since 2019 and she is our leading business intelligence and data visualisation analyst. Daphne has built MobileCorp’s Telecom Expense Management and Fleet Optimisation Managed Services from the ground up. She has demonstrated incredible personal drive and commitment, as well as superior innovation capabilities in data manipulation, data security, data processing and data visualisation.

She singlehandedly evaluates, interprets and administers all data reporting and data modelling for MobileCorp’s customers. She has also integrated data from third party vendor platforms into MobileCorp’s reporting outputs.

Automating the process wherever she can, over the past 3 years she has allowed the business to scale its output and grow this revenue stream.

The benefits to customers from Daphne’s data analytics innovation has been acknowledged across finance, IT, and operations customer stakeholders. Her work is a vital contributor to MobileCorp’s customer retention and uplift strategies.

Daphne Dominic_WIICTA finalist Innovation 2023 blog


ARN WIICTA Awards Gala Event

The ARN WIICTA Awards for 2023 will be announced at a gala luncheon on 25 May in Sydney. 

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