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MobileCorp delivers Telstra Adaptive Mobility Managed Services - AMMS

05 Jun 2023

Under its new Adaptive Mobility plans, Telstra has introduced managed service modules to ensure its enterprise and business customers receive the mobility support and services they need. 

MobileCorp has aligned its Mobility Managed Service packages so that Telstra customers can take advantage of the AMMS discounts which are available with some Telstra Adaptive Mobility Enterprise and Business plans.


What is Telstra AMMS?

AMMS stands for Adaptive Mobility Managed Services.

It refers to a series of managed service modules that Telstra customers can choose as part of their Adaptive Mobility package.

These modules are:

Telstra AMMS modules

Prior to Telstra moving to no-lock-in Adaptive Mobility plans, the carrier bundled the managed services provided by its Telstra Partner ecosystem into the plan pricing.

The new Adaptive Mobility plan construct has stripped out all value-adds including loyalty funds and managed service inclusions. This has allowed Telstra to compete on a more level playing field against competitors who do not include managed services in their plans.  

Adaptive Mobility means that customers now have a simple and transparent plan construct, and the ability to choose what add-on inclusions they require.

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How does AMMS fit into Telstra Adaptive Mobility plans?

Telstra offers four levels of Adaptive Mobility plans for enterprise and business customers. A managed service can be added to any plan.

Telstra's world-class partner eco-system provides a range of managed mobility services including all your operational day-to-day mobile fleet requirements. 

Telstra encourages its enterprise and business customers to take up a managed service by offering a managed service credit with most of its Adaptive Mobility plans. 

Depending on the plan chosen, the Telstra Managed Service credit could range from $5 to $10 per service per month. 

Telstra adaptive mobility managed service credit


What are MobileCorp's Adaptive Mobility Managed Services?

MobileCorp has aligned its Mobility Managed Services to allow customers to take advantage of Telstra AMMS credits.

MobileCorp has four Mobility Managed Service packages and also has the flexibility to provide custom packages.

Both MobileCorp's Business and Enterprise packages are eligible for Telstra AMMS managed service credits. 

MS Starter MS Professional  MS Business MS Enterprise

More detail 

What is Telstra Adaptive Mobility Care?

Telstra Adaptive Mobility Care - AMC - is the baseline managed service available with Telstra Adaptive Mobility plans.

Its inclusions are equal to MobileCorp's Starter package.

AMC provides a single point of contact for day-to-day mobility support. The service includes new connections, disconnections, change of plans or ownership, SIM replacement and activation, new device orders, device warranty repairs, and Telstra services like call diversion, Messagebank, international roaming and account-related enquiries.

AMC is charged at $3 per service/per month inc GST, and must be applied to all services on a Telstra account.

Telstra Adaptive Mobility Care AMC 3D brochure cover

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What if I don't want a Managed Service with my Telstra plan?

Telstra's Adaptive Mobility puts the choice back into the hands of customers.

Having a managed service is no longer funded within the Telstra plan, and customers have the ability to choose a managed service as an add-on module.

These modules are delivered by Telstra-accredited Mobility Partners, like MobileCorp. 

Without a managed service, customer will need to manage their own day-to-day operational tasks through T-Connect, a self-service portal provided by Telstra. 


Why would I chose a Managed Service instead of using T-Connect?

Organisations with a small number of mobile services, a stable or declining workforce, and an inhouse resource that is available to manage enquiries, may choose to opt for T-Connect. 

Organisations with a larger fleet, a growing or agile workforce, and where connectivity is critical to productivity, might prefer to work with a Telstra Mobility Partner.

The main points of difference between using T-Connect and a Telstra Partner Managed Service are: 

  • Single Point of Contact 

With a Telstra partner managed service you have a single point of contact for all your Telstra enquiries from service, to support, to billing, to strategic advice. You can communicate with the same managed service consultant across a range of subjects and requests. With T-Connect, you are using a self-service portal. Each enquiry is a ticket. If you have more than one request in play at any one time it can be difficult to get consolidated support.

  • Enhanced Service Levels 

When the CEO has just landed in a foreign country and has no service on his mobile phone you need help from a human.

T-Connect is a portal where an organisation can lodge a request and it will be fulfilled by a Telstra team in due course. There are no SLAs on T-Connect requests or orders. This can be a hindrance to productivity - for instance when a device takes several weeks to be repaired or replaced. It can also be time-consuming and a blocker to resolving urgent issues. 

As a Platinum Mobility Partner, MobileCorp has direct access to Telstra backend systems to action your orders and enquiries. When a customer lodges a request or order in their MobileCorp portal there are guaranteed response times, online status updates, and fast resolution.

  • Fast Device Replacement

Mobile devices are critical business tools and when a replacement is required, speed is everything. A Telstra Partner managed service will be able to hold devices ready for immediate dispatch. At MobileCorp we can provide same day or next day replacement devices for customers.* 

  • Custom Device Enrolment/Provisioning

Need your devices to be set up for zero touch deployment? A MobileCorp managed service includes new devices with SIM supplied or eSIM activation. Devices will be enrolled in Telstra DEP, Apple Business Manager, Samsung Knox or Android Enterprise. Devices can also be proactively enrolled in your MDM/UEM platform. Custom bundles of protective case and screen protector can be applied prior to shipping.

  • Consistent Reliable, Friendly Support Team

With T-Connect there is no relationship built up between yourself and Telstra. You will get a different operator each time you need to follow up a request. This can be frustrating and time-consuming having to wait on the phone and then having to explain why you are following up on your issue.  

With MobileCorp's Managed Service you will have the same support and service team dealing with your business. You can log an enquiry on the portal, or email, or phone for support.** At MobileCorp, Anna has more than 20 years' experience and has been working with some of our customers for more than 15 years. Many of our other consultants have more than 5 years' experience with MobileCorp and 10+ years in the industry. 

  • Onshore Experience

The Telstra team working behind T-Connect may or may not be based in Australia and have may be varying levels of knowledge or experience. 

MobileCorp - and many other leading partners - will have managed service consultants with in-depth experience and capability. All Telstra Partners comply with regular mandatory Telstra training. We also operate to stringent accreditation standards which are renewed annually. 

  • More than Mobility

T-Connect has a limited range of support services available. 

A Telstra Partner managed service will offer far more than the basic mobility services. This could include mobile device management, telecom expense management, fleet audits, integration with third party systems like ServiceNow, reporting and VIP service levels. 

A Telstra Partner, like MobileCorp, may also specialise in other communications technologies so you can deal with the same people for your 5G, data and IP networks, fixed infrastructure, Microsoft unified communications and cybersecurity. 

Don't silo your mobility from your broader connectivity conversation.

Your MobileCorp account manager will be able to provide solid strategic advice across a range of emerging and mature technologies which can give your business a competitive edge. 

Why choose MobileCorp?

MobileCorp is Telstra's top mobility partner in 2023. We were named as Telstra Mobility Partner of the Year at a gala dinner in November 2023.

Telstra Mobility Partner of the Year - MobileCorp - Winner - sky80 - email

MobileCorp is also a foundational Telstra Enterprise and Business Partner. We have been in business for more than 30 years and partnered with Telstra/Telecom Australia since 1988.

MobileCorp is a Telstra-accredited Platinum Partner for Mobility, which means Telstra trusts us to work with its largest corporate customers.

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*our device replacement pool option has a guaranteed supply of devices held onsite at MobileCorp's Mascot base ready for immediate dispatch.
**not available with Starter service.

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