The decommissioning of the 3G network is an opportunity for IOT operators to upgrade to Cradlepoint edge routers, securing their network against the rise of cyber attack, and future proofing for 5G.
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Four reasons to upgrade your 3G IOT endpoints to Cradlepoint routers

05 Jul 2023

The decommissioning of the 3G network is an opportunity for IOT operators to upgrade to Cradlepoint edge routers, securing the network against the rise of cyber attack, and future-proofing for 5G.

As we begin the final countdown to the demise of the 3G network in June 2024, there remain many organisations who still have 3G devices in play, and most of them are IoT endpoints.

IT teams may be tempted to swap out the existing 3G router for the next version of the same, but this could be a missed opportunity. 

The landscape has changed significantly since those 3G routers were originally deployed.

Cyber threats have expanded. The shift to Cloud has occurred. 5G is offering a viable network alternative to wired infrastructure. Edge compute is on the horizon. Data is king.

54% wireless wan use cases are iot


When should a Cradlepoint IoT router upgrade be considered?

Typically, IoT deployments fall into three categories: embedded nonconfigurable, embedded configurable, and agile IoT.

Cradlepoint routers are the best fit for agile IoT deployments with advanced feature requirements.

  • Agile IoT with advanced features

For use cases where more space is available, there can be multiple advantages to using a wireless edge gateway or router, including upgradeable future-proofing with advanced security, enterprise-class routing, full hardware/software extensibility suites, and edge computing capabilities.

Examples of a good fit include kiosks, digital signs, and smart buildings. Also, IoT data flowing from LAN to WAN in stores and fleet vehicles.

IoT use cases grey


Four reasons to choose Cradlepoint routers for IOT 

Why would lean IT teams spend valuable time and resources considering a shift to a new IoT router?

There needs to be a compelling reason to invest in researching an alternative to a simple upgrade of your existing endpoints. 

Here are four compelling reasons:

Reason #1. Secure your IoT attack surface

It has become evident that IoT networks need to be re-architected in the face of the volume and sophistication of cyber threats.

Each organisation’s network attack surface is in a state of constant growth as IoT deployments, remote work, and other forms of digital transformation take place. 

New connections to wide area networks are enticing on-ramps for threat actors who are continually seeking new ways to breach organisations to steal valuable data.

By off-loading security from the perimeter to a distributed zero trust architecture, Cradlepoint IoT devices provide access to a collection of robust security services that have traditionally not been available on typical IoT routers.

In August 2022, Cradlepoint released an expansion to its cloud management adding NetCloud Exchange (NCX) Secure Connect.  NCX is a cloud-native WAN architecture that integrates advanced SD-WAN, security, and 5G — sharing common components, policies, and processes — all managed through a single pane of glass. Secure Connect lets organisations easily build zero trust encrypted tunnels over hybrid cellular and wired links, orchestrated quickly and seamlessly through the cloud. 

NOTE: Many Australian organisations have Teltonika IoT routers in play. With the Lithuanian-based manufacturer having been implicated in security weaknesses in May 2023, the 3G decommissioning is an opportunity to consider an alternative endpoint which will improve your IoT security posture. 

cradlepoint secure connect


Reason #2. Deploy and centrally manage IoT at scale

Most IoT router manufacturers now have a cloud-management offering - but all are not equal.

Cradlepoint first launched its NetCloud Manager (NCM) portal environment in August 2016. Yes, you read that right, 7 years ago! It was well ahead of its time, and it remains ahead of the market. 

The NetCloud IoT edge-to-cloud service is a suite of technologies designed for IoT applications: reliability, security (see NCX Secure Connect), and data orchestration delivered through purpose-built routers. It enables successful enterprise-grade IoT deployments with ease and scale.

Cradlepoint has also developed granular integrations between NCM and Microsoft Azure IoT; and between NCM and AWS IoT Greengrass.

In 2023, Cradlepoint launched a collaborative partnership with Azure, empowering IT teams to effortlessly deploy numerous interconnected sensors using NetCloud Edge Connector and Microsoft Azure IoT. This collaboration provides enhanced visibility, management capabilities, and valuable actionable insights through advanced analytics.

cradlepoint integration with Microsoft Azure IoT Central

Cradlepoint and AWS have been working together in a partnership that began in 2020. Through the NetCloud Edge Connector for AWS IoT Greengrass, organisations can utilise edge computing applications on specific Cradlepoint wireless edge routers, connecting securely over wired or wireless WANs. By leveraging the NetCloud Container Orchestrator (NCCO) service, IT teams can swiftly deploy AWS Greengrass software and customised applications at the WAN edge, catering to a wide range of IoT use cases. 

Cradlepoint IoT integration with AWS Greengrass

Cradlepoint partners - like MobileCorp - can confidently build your NCM environment and its integration with third parties like Azure and AWS. 


Reason #3. A future-proofed Network with cellular intelligence

Cradlepoint’s enterprise-grade routers have embedded LTE/5G modems, and its NetCloud Manager platform features a Cellular Intelligence suite of technologies.

While most other router manufacturers are just launching their first 5G-native devices in 2023, Cradlepoint released its second generation 5G-native modems back in 2021, and has a 3-year head start over competitors with its cloud-managed purpose-built endpoints and wireless edge solutions.

Cradlepoint has deep partnerships with both of Australia's leading carriers, and Cradlepoint IoT endpoints are certified by Telstra and Optus for use on their networks. 

By linking the SIM cards and routers through Cradlepoint NCM, customers can
— gain simultaneous visibility into the router and SIM status
— enhance expense control
— speed up deployments
— resolve and manage issues more quickly
— reduce troubleshooting support time

MobileCorp also provides customers with SIM cards pre-provisioned in Cradlepoint routers, enabling zero-touch deployment for a plug and play experience at site. This accelerates deployment and supports lean IT teams.  

Netcloud cellular health vehicle


Reason #4. Extending IoT data 

Data is king and central to the purpose of IoT use cases. From lightweight containers, through SDK tools, to key third-party solutions such as AWS IoT Greengrass, Microsoft Azure IoT Central, and SIM management; organisations can utilise extensibility through NetCloud to easily set up IoT data visibility.

NetCloud Container Orchestration from the cloud features
— Set and manage device-level and group-level policies for containers
— Monitor the status of container(s) running on routers from NetCloud
— Manage and control containers from NetCloud (start, stop, and restart)
— Troubleshoot containers

NetCloud SDK allows you to
— Extend and customise router functionality
— Provide edge computing
— Integrate with external systems
— Provide additional services and applications (Webserver, FTP Server, etc.)

NetCloud API allows organisations to integrate your systems and applications with rich data in your network.
It enables access to alerts and analytics and automates configurations and orchestration of the network based on
policy using the NetCloud Manager API.

Cradlepoint is also at the forefront of 5G network slicing bringing yet another new way of segregating data and IoT use cases from the corporate network. 

Cradlepoint NetCloud IoT_extensibility



What Cradlepoint IoT routers are available in Australia?

cradlepoint iot routers

Cradlepoint has five IoT routers specified for the Australian market, of which two are designed with in-vehicle use cases in mind.

All Cradlepoint routers sold in Australia, come with a subscription to NetCloud Manager (NCM) for Mobile or IoT. NCM provides streamlined configuration and continuous cloud, modem, and router software feature enhancements.

Each endpoint can be purchased with either an Essentials or an Advanced licence. In most cases there are licence terms of 1, 3 or 5 years, however the IBR200 and 600C have a minimum 3-year Essential licence.

R920 - The R920 Series is a versatile ruggedised LTE router for advanced in-vehicle and IoT connectivity.  It meets the needs of flexible connectivity and standardisation and provides mass transit, public safety, and other organisations with support for a 5G modular modem, edge computing, Bluetooth, and CBRS for private networking. RRP $1965 inc.GST 

Learn more

IBR900 - For organisations that depend on field forces and mobile networks, the IBR900 Series is a ruggedised GPS-enabled, in-vehicle network solution. When coupled with the Advanced Mobile service plan, it provides threat management, web filtering, application visibility, analytics, and advanced GPS functionality including location tracking and cellular coverage maps. The IBR900 copes with harsh environments and in-vehicle conditions. RRP from $1708 inc.GST  

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IBR200 - The IBR200 provides connectivity options including Cat 1 LTE modem, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, GPIO ports, and passive GPS. It provides a semi-ruggedised enterprise class networking platform that can be confidently deployed in diverse implementations such as smart cities, manufacturing, and other IoT scenarios requiring robust connectivity. RRP from $566 inc.GST 

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IBR600C - The 600C is a semi-ruggedised, cloud-managed LTE router providing a resilient LTE connection ideal for use in high-availability, portable, or fixed uses. Use cases include high-availability portable or fixed applications such as surveillance cameras, digital signs, oil and gas monitoring, and parallel networking. With an extensive list of features, it can be confidently deployed in the field, in buildings, or in embedded systems to deliver complete visibility, security, and control of connected devices anywhere. RRP from $967 inc.GST 

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s700 - Just launched in July 2023, the s700 is a multipurpose IoT router designed to provide a zero trust security service to enterprise customers. This cloud-managed LTE router is built for light industrial, IoT, and portable applications where security is a foundational requirement. Offering connectivity through LTE plus wired and Wi-Fi options, the S700 is powers  high-availability, portable, or fixed uses. Pricing TBA. 

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We are also a Telstra Platinum Mobility partner so we know all about the carrier side of the 3G decommissioning and can ensure your IoT migration is managed on the carrier side.

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