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Endpoint management and TEMS deliver cost savings to AUB Group

12 Oct 2022


A suite of managed mobility and cost optimisation services delivers 10 percent savings and enforces compliance across 40 independent business units.

AUB Group is Australasia’s largest equity-based insurance broker network and an ASX listed company. AUB Group represents over one million client policies, and 93 partner businesses across more than 600 locations in Australia and New Zealand. 

Sites: 40
End Users: 700


A fragmented structure of 40 independent business units hampered cost visibility and expenditure auditing, slowed procurement, and meant that operational tasks were difficult to coordinate and varied unpredictably in time to completion.


This caused high levels of internal frustration. Some business units were so frustrated they wanted to break away from the corporate parent carrier account and do their own thing.




There were many benefits to the parent company retaining control of the corporate mobility account, and not breaking it up into smaller individually-managed telco accounts. These included:

  • more competitive Telstra plan rates and loyalty funding based on total number of services and total spend
  • the service of Telstra platinum partner, MobileCorp, for account management and day-to-day operational support
  • governance and risk management from accounting and expenditure perspective 

MobileCorp’s TEMS Enterprise solution along with its Managed Mobility Services suite provided the single point of visibility, business intelligence, telecom expense management and operational support required.

TEMS Enterprise is a single source of truth for endpoint management. The self-service web-based portal manages procurement, asset inventory management, and telecom expense management.

A dynamic database of all endpoints is aligned by ownership, cost centre, and carrier service is the basis for fleet benchmarking. The database is updated in real time as changes are made to asset data points – such as changes to a carrier plan or ownership details. 

TEMS Enterprise provides business intelligence insights to optimise devices, plans and services, and deliver savings. Monthly expenditure is benchmarked with carrier billing assigned to each user and audited. Online TEMS reports swiftly identify redundant services, billing anomalies, and usage trends.

Managed Mobility Services is a modular suite of services which for AUB Group included device lifecycle management, Telstra carrier management, and break-fix priority repairs. This is backed up by a priority service helpdesk with an aligned service team, and a dedicated account manager. Other modules include Mobile Device Management, Device as a Service and Mobile Security management.



  • Secured preferential carrier rates by consolidating all services under one account: As 40 individual accounts, AUB Group would not have attracted any preferential pricing or support services from a carrier. By consolidating all 700 services in one account it could leverage the total spend as a negotiating tactic. 
  • Up to 10 percent reduction in mobility expenditure: As is typical, when a TEMs solution is implemented, the initial fleet benchmarking and billing audit uncovered unallocated devices, redundant services, and billing anomalies. Resolution of these issues resulted in significant savings. 
  • Accounting reduced from two weeks to two hours: Trolling through thousands of pages of carrier billing. Trying to make sense of disparate information for accounting. Determining how to allocate expenditure to individual cost centres. These tasks were immensely time-consuming and labour-intensive. They are now automated by the TEMS Pro platform and the journals prepared for upload in hours. 
  • Improved end user satisfaction: Having online ordering backed up by a dedicated service desk has meant end users are receiving devices overnight and immediate support.
  • Clear visibility of assets and expenditure: The parent group now has a single source of truth for the procurement and ownership of assets and the associated costs. 
  • Cost centre accuracy: Visibility of costs across the organisation has raised awareness of and accountability for expenditure. It has also allowed comparative analysis and highlighted non-compliant behaviour, as well as best practice behaviour.
  • Corporate compliance across disparate business units: Having 40 independent business units can lead to differing business practice which can produce inequity and unintentional non-compliance with corporate policy. Having a single source of information about activity has allowed corporate governance best practice to be adopted.

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