coming together is a beginning
staying together is progress
and working together is success

–Henry Ford, industrialist

TIPT is Telstra’s cloud collaboration solution delivering voice, video, data, chat and presence on one network with a consistent user experience across multiple devices and locations.

TIPT is ideal for large offices, branch offices, remote sites or contact centres. TIPT is also suitable for smaller businesses who are looking to scale.

TIPT services with MobileCorp

TIPT is a proven and leading solution utilised by thousands of Australian businesses. TIPT is a simple, flexible and scalable cloud solution, underpinned by the scale, reliability and security of Telstra’s network.

MobileCorp TIPT professional services 

MobileCorp offers professional services to scope, procure and deploy TIPT.

  • TIPT business case evaluation
  • TIPT network design including custom integrations
  • Equipment procurement
  • TIPT deployment execution
  • On-site TIPT training

MobileCorp TIPT managed service

MobileCorp also provides a monthly managed service which can be charged on the Telstra bill. It includes:

  • all TIPT Customer Group Administrator (CGA) management and maintenance tasks:
    • profile management including adds, moves and changes
    • password management
    • voice configuration
    • calling configuration and management
  • fault management
  • end user support desk
  • Telstra liaison, procurement and connectivity management
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Key features and benefits of TIPT

  • Available over any internet service (not just Telstra)
    Telstra IP Telephony is available over any compatible internet service in Australia, including Telstra Broadband and NBN.
  • Feature-rich telephony and endpoints
    A range of telephony features like anonymous call, call forwarding, automatic call back, directed call pickup, and simultaneous ring across multiple devices. A range of endpoints including office video phones, fully featured video conference devices, as well as solutions to
    integrate analogue devices like fax and eftpos.
  • Host virtual meetings
    Combine with Virtual Meeting Room (VMR) to host multi-party video meetings using a single dial-in number on any compatible device. Use the VMR companion app to run even more productive meetings – lock meeting rooms, remove or mute participants and hold people in a waiting room until you’re ready to get started.
  • Productivity and employee satisfaction
    Real time communication with colleagues reduce speeds outcomes and promotes productivity. Giving employees access to flexible work plans and unified business applications can also reduce travel needs.
  • Business-grade reliability
    When delivered across the Telstra Next IP network, TIPT uses Class of Service prioritisation and management of voice quality, providing business-grade quality, reliability, and accessibility at all times both on-site and to mobile workers.
  • Simple real-time administration
    For system managers (or outsource to MobileCorp), and intuitive desktop-based control for users.
  • Reduced costs
    TIPT can offset any initial capital expense and ongoing cost of maintenance with lower call costs and a pay-as-you-go subscription structure. Cloud delivery of TIPT also removes the need to manage equipment, licenses, and separate voice and data operations. Integration of telephony with a Telstra Next IP® network can also optimise investment.
  • Cloud-based scalability
    Add and remove endpoints with ease to reflect changing business requirements. 
  • Add-ons
    These include Call Centre – fully scalable ‘virtual call centre’ solution; MiReception – handle a large volume of calls efficiently; Skype for Business Integration; Real Time Billing and Hoteling/hot desking by allowing staff to have the same phone number at any desk.

Telstra Liberate with TIPT

Telstra Liberate unifies desk phones and mobiles. It integrates traditional fixed and mobile channels at the network layer so there is a seamless handover between mobile and landline calls.

This includes:

  • ability for employees to answer an incoming call whether they are in the office at a desk phone or out on the road on mobile
  • one voicemail across desk phone and mobile devices
  • ability to display corporate Caller ID on the mobile device when making calls
  • ability for employee to ‘switch’ their mobile between personal and business Caller ID

4 steps to building a TIPT solution

Building a TIPT solution is as simple as four steps:

Choose from Basic, Standard or Executive packs for inclusions from simple phone number to advanced features.

User Pack

Inclusions are subject to change. This information was correct as of February 2019.

Choose from a wide variety of endpoints – handsets and video devices.

Enhance the experience for staff by sourcing the latest high-quality voice and video handsets. Choose from a wide variety of endpoints that are compatible with TIPT. This includes basic phones, office video phones, video conference devices, as well as solutions to integrate analogue devices like fax and eftpos.

A restricted number of endpoints are available for TIPT over the internet. Speak to MobileCorp for the latest information.

Tipt handsets MobileCorp

Add custom options to meet the collaboration needs of your workforce. Cater for remote workers, hot-desking, field-force staff, branch offices, pop-up and temporary sites.

Comms options

Inclusions are subject to change. This information was correct as of February 2019.

Choose from TIPT Complete Basic (includes all calls to Local and National numbers) and TIPT Complete Premium (includes calls to Mobiles as well).

TIPT Complete capped calling plans deliver cost certainty for off-net calling through a predictable monthly subscription pricing.


Pricing is subject to change. This information was correct as of February 2019.

“On-net” calling: User’s from the same customer enterprise can call between each other without attracting call charges. This applies whether the enterprise’s users access the service over an IPVPN, the internet using Telstra Business Broadband or Telstra nbn, or a mix of these accesses.

“Off-net” calling: Calls from the customer’s enterprise to third parties outside the customer’s enterprise are charged. These calls will be charged at the enterprise customer’s negotiated call rate. It may be cost effective for customers to consider taking up TIPT Complete capped calling plans with fixed monthly payments.

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