to know what you know
and what you do not know
that is true knowledge


None of us holding down a fulltime operational IT role could possibly keep up with every aspect of this continuously evolving industry.

As Gartner refers to it: we’re in a state of “continuous next”.

It is good business to engage subject matter experts for independent vendor-agnostic advice. Consultancy allows you to:

  • be agile
  • take advantage of subject matter expertise
  • bolster internal resource
  • exceed stakeholder expectations
  • increase profitability and productivity
  • maintain a competitive edge
  • seize opportunities
  • make business decisions with confidence.
MobileCorp consultancy services

Consultancy knowledge and planning might be applied to a specific technology, a business process, an end user requirement, or a competitive opportunity.

MobileCorp offers three levels of consultancy – guidance, problem-solving, and turnkey strategy development. In each case we apply strategic acumen, insights and experience to approach an IT opportunity or dilemma. 


In its most common form, our consultancy service is applied to provide expert advice around the implementation of a specific project, or to a finite strategic planning timeframe, or a purchasing strategy. The key reason to adopt consultancy in these situations is to bring specialist knowledge to bear to support implementations or negotiations, or to bolster the business case with internal stakeholders.  

Problem Solving

When there is a specific issue to be confronted, it can make sense to bring a resource to the table who has the time, space and knowledge to apply a rigorous thought process to defining the issue and planning the most effective solution. Problem-solving consultancy can be useful to bolster internal IT knowledge resources, appease internal stakeholders, and bring new knowledge and perspective to defining the issue and process to resolution.

Turnkey Strategy Development

From time to time the company may require a new solution which is outside the remit of its internal resources. Turnkey consultancy brings subject matter expertise to collaborate closely with internal stakeholders to address the business challenge and suggest innovative ideas. It can also be useful to have an independent perspective during an evaluation and selection process.

MobileCorp consultancy services
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