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pays the best interest

-Benjamin Franklin

MobileCorp’s mission is connecting the future.

Network technology is constantly evolving and redefining the way we connect. We pride ourselves on providing value to our relationships by staying abreast of all new networking technologies.

MobileCorp consultancy and advisory services

Many Australian companies do not have an internal IT team with all the diverse skill-sets, specialist knowledge or experience to confidently address the many challenges they face.

Hiring an external expert with the skill-set and knowledge to provide an objective perspective can be a smart move.

MobileCorp has specialist network engineers and network architects who offer expertise and an independent perspective to help bring clarity to complex network decision-making.

Consultancy also gives internal experts a valuable sounding board and a collaborative partnership to leverage.

MobileCorp consultancy and advisory services

Tackling network challenges in 2020

As Bill Gates famously said in his 1996 book The Road Ahead:

“We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate the change that will occur in the next ten. Don’t let yourself be lulled into inaction.” The challenges for IT and ICT as we enter the new decade are as demanding as they have ever been.

Eighty-seven percent of senior business leaders say digitalisation is a company priority and 79 percent of corporate strategists say it is reinventing their business – creating new revenue streams in new ways.

But successful adoption of digital transformation projects has been slow, with only 6 percent reporting the project as more than 75% complete.

Speeding stalled projects and removing barriers that are preventing others from starting, is a key issue for 2020.

Organisations are increasingly moving their corporate workloads into public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure.

However, there’s one large piece of the puzzle missing – the network. An organisation has a set amount of bandwidth, or budget to spend on it, and hauling the amount of data that users, Internet of Things (IoT), AI and applications generate today to the data centre to process is a huge network issue. 

Future-proofing the network to take advantage of emerging technologies is imperative as we enter the new decade.

5G is very much in the ‘build phase’ right now, however, as companies come to truly understand its capabilities and limitations, a next generation of solutions based on 5G will emerge.

5G will enable the emerging technologies of edge computing and distributed cloud.

2020 is the year to evaluate potential 5G business use cases and prepare the network to take advantage of the opportunities that 5G will enable.

Already the public are jaded by the constant barrage of data leaks, and cynical about the ability of any organisation to keep their data safe.

Not only from a legislative and regulatory perspective, but also from a consumer confidence perspective, businesses must do better in 2020.

Auditing the network and addressing potential data security threats has to be a network priority in 2020.

Today’s infrastructure is in many places – colocation, on-premises data centres, edge locations, and in cloud services. 

Infrastructure is everywhere that the company needs it. 

As the realities of hybrid digital infrastructures kick in, the scale and complexity of managing them is becoming a more pressing issue.

In fact, 75% of I&O leaders are not prepared with the skills, behaviours or cultural presence needed over the next two to three years says Gartner.  

Leaders will need to invest in knowledge and talent acquisition in edge computing, artificial intelligence and the ever-changing cloud marketplace, to solve business issues and ensure the ability to adopt new technologies.

Tackling network challenges in 2020

Gartner: Top 10 network challenges for 2020

There will be no shortage of network challenges confronting IT leaders in 2020, but one issue rises above the pack: migrating applications to the cloud.

That’s according to data published by Gartner in December 2019. 500 IT professionals in the US selected their top three challenges from a list of perennial issues.

The results (right) show a reshuffling of the leading challenges, with “cloud migrations” leapfrogging 2019’s No. 1 issue – “protecting the organisation from cyberattacks”.

‘Migrating applications to the cloud’ sits six points above the rest of the list, while ‘adopting and/or managing a multi-cloud strategy’ in equal third place, puts cloud strategy front and centre.

Gartner: Top 10 network challenges for 2020

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