IOT smart camera solutions go far beyond security
providing valuable business insights

Smart cameras utilise the cloud to go far beyond security by also providing valuable business insights.

Smart cameras differ from traditional security cameras because the cloud-based management eliminates the need for on-premise video storage and allows viewing from anywhere.

Automatic network detection knows whether the viewing computer is in the local network or somewhere remote.

Local streaming video never goes to the cloud, saving bandwidth; while remote streaming video is proxied through the cloud, allowing it to be viewed from anywhere.

Smart camera solutions also scale seamlessly, are quick to deploy, and offer instant security.

MobileCorp smart camera managed service

MobileCorp has experience and expertise in deploying smart camera solutions for enterprise and business customers. 

We utilise a cloud-based solution with centralised dashboard which can be customer-managed or managed by our team of IOT specialists.

As a Telstra Platinum Partner, we deploy our smart camera solutions utilising Telstra’s IOT network.

MobileCorp’s managed service includes:

  • solution scoping and design
  • proof of concept testing
  • hardware supply and configuration
  • licensing management
  • device configuration and zero touch provisioning
  • project management and solution installation
  • remote diagnostics – utilising remote management tools to resolve issues and provide support relating to packet capture and cable testing
  • support service desk – technical specialists to resolve issues, 24/7, firmware updates
  • public Wi-Fi hotspot or managed business Wi-Fi deployment if required
  • network monitoring
  • back-up and archiving
  • analytics and reporting
MobileCorp smart camera managed service

MobileCorp cloud-managed smart cameras

MobileCorp offers smart camera solutions which provide state-of-the-art IOT features.

Smart cameras deliver heat maps and object detection which allow an organisation to:

  • quickly assess foot traffic in a retail store
  • monitor where people are congregating
  • learn which displays are attracting the most attention
  • count how many people came into the office during a specific timeframe
  • better understand drive-through traffic or how many parking spaces are being used 

Key features of smart cameras are:

Enabling visibility, secure monitoring, and management of all cameras from anywhere in the world.

Up to 256GB of high write endurance solid state storage on each camera eliminates the need for an NVR. Since video is stored on the edge, cameras will continue to record even if the network connection fails and less than 50kbps of metadata streams to the cloud per camera when footage is not being viewed, eliminating excessive WAN usage.

Use motion-based retention and scheduled recording to customise video storage plans.

Data analytics and machine learning capabilities onboard each smart camera.

Dynamically select areas of interest in a video stream to search, then export clips directly from the dashboard.

Video is encrypted at rest and during transport by default, with automated TLS certificate provisioning.

Easily define who can see which video streams, view historical footage, and export video.

Feature releases, firmware updates and bug fixes are always pushed automatically and at no additional cost with an active licence.

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