employees are a company’s greatest asset
and biggest threat

End users can’t be separated from device management

Devices are more than extensions of the computing infrastructure; they are extensions of the end user.

The way that users interact with their personal data and devices, mirrors the way they want to interact with corporate data and devices.

Regardless of whether a company has corporate-owned devices (CYOD) or Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD), securing and managing a well-functioning infrastructure of user devices is becoming an ever more complex and important IT responsibility.

Key benefits of a user device management service

Improve the overall level of device security through the timely deployment of critical patches and operating system updates; keep track of your employee profiles, policies, and device security status.

Establish a uniform approach to device management including operating system image, drivers, patches and critical updates in the company environment, from requirements gathering to mass automated deployment to user devices.

Increase user productivity by deploying operating systems with the necessary user settings; zero-touch onboarding.

A lack of unified management leads to uncontrolled growth in the number of incidents and calls on first line support.

Key benefits of a user device management service
MobileCorp device management service

MobileCorp has extensive experience and capabilities providing an outsourced mobile device management service, either as a standalone service or as a module of a comprehensive unified endpoint managed service.

We utilise leading UEM technologies from VMWare, Microsoft and others to provide end user-centric device management.

Our user device management service is delivered as a monthly per user charge which can be added to the Telstra bill. The service includes:

  • End user onboarding and offboarding
  • Device provisioning and zero-touch deployment
  • Building and deploying user-based device profiles
  • Device enrolment programs
  • Device patches, updates and
  • Device application deployment and management
  • Device compliance visibility and reporting
  • End user support
MobileCorp device management service

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