simply put –
it lets the right people in
and keeps other people out

IAM is basic security essential

Identity access management is practically self-explanatory.

It describes the ability for administrators to utilise a directory service to authenticate, authorise, and audit a user’s identity and grant access to various IT resources like systems, devices, applications, storage systems, networks, SaaS services, and more.

Identity access management it is a core part to any directory service and is a basic security essential for any company.

Cloud IAM gives even more control

Traditionally, user management has been grounded with on-prem servers, databases, and closed virtual private networks (VPN). Microsoft Active Directory® (AD) was the market leader for decades. However, as organisations shift to the cloud, so there is a shift toward cloud-based identity and access management, generally known as IDaaS.

MobileCorp IAM managed service

MobileCorp has capability in the build, configuration, deployment and outsourced management of IAM, both on-prem and cloud.

MobileCorp offers a managed service for the following IAM solutions:

  • Microsoft Active Directory®
  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory®
  • AWS Directory
  • Google Cloud Directory Sync
  • Telstra Mobile Identity 

MobileCorp is vendor agnostic and will customise the chosen IAM product to meet the company requirements.

The choice of which IAM solution to implement will be dependent on each organisation’s infrastructure, software, applications and devices. For instance, it will make sense if the company is already using Office365 to utilise a Microsoft solution.

MobileCorp managed service includes:

  • onboarding/offboarding employees
  • automated monitoring alerts
  • issue diagnosis and resolution
  • applying fixes, patches and updates, and system maintenance
  • a support service desk
MobileCorp IAM managed service

Telstra Mobile Identity with MobileCorp

As a Telstra Platinum Partner, MobileCorp leverages its Telstra knowledge and expertise to deliver Telstra Mobile Identity solutions.

Telstra Mobile Identity boosts protection against fraud, theft and malicious attacks by addressing the full spectrum of online account security, comprising registration, access, usage and recovery.

  • SMS and voice verification
    Integrate REST APIs into existing technology to provide account security to users with phone-based verification and two factor authentication over SMS or via voice calls.
  • Mobile app-based authentication
    Integrate two factor authentication and transaction verification into existing native mobile applications with a simple Software Developer Kit (SDK) for iOS and Android.
  • Phone ID fraud prevention
    Boost the ability to detect fraud with near real-time assessment of a phone number’s attributes, usage and history, delivered via REST API and integrated into existing apps and workflows.
Telstra Mobile Identity with MobileCorp