hybrid SD-WAN is a ‘land and expand’ model

it offers the best of both worlds – public and private

The beauty of hybrid SD-WAN

There have been some misconceptions that SD-WAN and MPLS are mutually exclusive. In fact, they are quite complementary.

The beauty of hybrid SD-WAN is that it brings together different transports – MPLS, LTE, broadband – and combines them with an overlay function.

Land and expand model

While most SD-WAN deployments include active utilisation of broadband services, hybrid SD-WAN architecture continues to utilise MPLS circuits as part of the WAN transport resource pool.

A hybrid SD-WAN model has been described as ‘land and expand’ because it exists alongside elements of the legacy network while growing capability through automated augmentation.

Why hybrid SD-WAN?

Hybrid SD-WAN is a new middle ground option that until recently did not exist.

The hybrid is a reference for how SD-WAN is designed to augment MPLS circuits – not replace – with a less expensive broadband internet.

The idea is SD-WAN implementation should allow a reduction in the the size of MPLS circuits, which reduces operating costs. This is due to the adoption of policies that allow for certain applications to work over the internet ‘most of the time’.

An intelligent SD-WAN platform can combine transport services into a single, logical high-bandwidth link, improving application performance.

More advanced platforms continuously monitor the throughput, packet loss, latency and jitter of all transport services. The SD-WAN then automatically routes traffic – and when necessary, reroutes traffic – to maintain compliance with Quality of Service and security policies.

Sanjay Uppal, VP, GM NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

MobileCorp hybrid SD-WAN managed service

MobileCorp has extensive experience and expertise in developing hybrid SD-WAN solutions, working with both Telstra network services and leading WAN service providers.

Every corporate network is unique in some form and the business requirements are also exclusive to each company.

MobileCorp’s hybrid SD-WAN managed service 

  • Consultancy including business case objectives and justification, technologies evaluation, costing and return on investment calculations.
  • Solution Architecture network design, solution risk assessment, solution performance assessment, failover and redundancy design.
  • Project Management liaising with Telstra and WAN service providers to deploy the network design including testing and failover.
  • Solution Documentation bespoke network designs require full documentation to ensure provisioning teams understand the design, internal teams are able to troubleshoot and maintain the network.
  • Third Party Solution Provider Management evaluation of vendors, recommendation of cloud provider, project management of ordering and provisioning.
MobileCorp hybrid SD-WAN managed service