agile and secure enterprise-grade mobile
connectivity with next day execution and remote management

NextDay Connect is a mobile-based connectivity solution for enterprise and business grade customers who require next day private network access.

It is an agile, assured network connectivity solution which is:

  • suitable for interim or permanent access
  • utilising state of the art routers – leased or purchased outright – turnaround deployment is executed in days rather than months
  • dual SIM hardware allows for fail over to an alternate mobile network for additional protection of business continuity

Business use cases for NextDay Connect

NextDay Connect was originally developed by MobileCorp in response to customer demand for reliable connectivity while waiting on nbnTM transition. However, it soon became apparent there were many more relevant business use cases including:

  • ISDN migrations waiting on Telstra cabling
  • remote sites without access to fixed infrastructure such as mining and defence
  • transient site offices such as road and rail projects
  • pop-up stores, short term retail outlets
  • construction sites
  • retail outlets with poor connectivity in shopping malls
  • one-off events such as concerts, sport, festivals, markets
  • offshore sites such as oil and gas platforms
  • sites waiting for nbnTM

Why NextDay Connect?

nbnTM is leaving thousands of premises behind in its roll-out. At last count, 8,000 ‘non-serviceable’ premises were looking at a wait of up to 36 months for connectivity.

Meanwhile pop-up shops, site offices, and remote or regional locations without fixed line access need reliable, agile and secure network connectivity.

The main benefits of NextDay Connect are its agility and security.

Key Benefits

  • deployment executed in days, rather than months
  • agile deployment – relocate with simplicity 
  • security features built-in 
  • no capital expenditure required – choice of equipment lease or outright purchase
  • can handle up to 100 end users 
  • managed deployment by MobileCorp 
  • optional ongoing managed service by MobileCorp 

5G and other features of NextDay Connect

NextDay Connect is future-proofed and ready to take advantage of 5G for Business.

The solution was developed by MobileCorp utilising hardware by Cradlepoint the global leaders in 5G and Edge routerss

Key Features

  • leading global router technology
  • dual SIM routers for failover redundancy
  • operational with 4G, 4GX and ready for 5G
  • full visibility of network connectivity through online portal
  • remote diagnosis and management of routers
  • technical service desk for site or end user support
  • no lock-in contract period
  • equipment and managed service charged monthly on Telstra bill

MobileCorp NextDay Connect managed service

NextDay Connect was developed by MobileCorp. Our team of network and IT specialists will workshop with customers to determine if NextDay Connect is the correct solution. We then offer the following professional services:

  • NextDay Connect solution design
  • Proof of Concept testing
  • project management of implementation including installation of equipment onsite
  • carrier provisioning and account management
  • equipment and managed service may be charged on Telstra bill
  • monthly managed service including:
    • service desk with SLA and ticketing system
    • equipment and managed service may be charged on through Telstra billing
    • hardware retrieval/replacement
    • new hardware configuration
    • licensing
    • carrier management, billing and ongoing service support
    • business intelligence insights and connectivity reporting
    • technical support service desk with SLA and ticketing system
MobileCorp NextDay Connect managed service

NextDay Connect by MobileCorp