What is a Managed Mobility Service - MMS - ?

A Managed Mobility Service realises cost optimisation and service delivery outcomes throughout the telecom life cycle. As one of the leading Managed Mobility Service providers, our team will:

  • manage the full mobile device lifecycle from procurement to end-of-life
  • manage and resolve day-to-day operational tasks 
  • be a single point of contact for end user support and service
  • manage carrier provisioning and support
  • allows you to free your IT resources and concentrate on your core business

MobileCorp offers two tiers of mobility management

MobileCorp offers two tiers of outsourced Managed Mobility Service to relieve organisations from the day-to-day operational and strategic tasks of corporate fleet management.

Our top tier is a world-class full-service Managed Mobility solution to automate and optimise your corporate mobile fleet.

Alternatively, our second tier offers a ‘design your own’ custom Managed Mobility Service by starting with a foundation module and adding optional extra modules.


MobileCorp – The Leading Managed Mobility Service Providers

MobileCorp's top tier MMS utilises Bluewater Control, a cloud-based SaaS platform backed up by MobileCorp's expert support and fulfilment team.  This solution delivers visibility, cost control, security and cradle-to-grave support. It

  • creates a single source of truth for all mobility information, processes and behaviour.

  • unifies procurement, billing and asset management to embed efficiency and accountability.

  • fulfils the requirements of IT, Finance, Procurement, and HR roles, uniting the business objectives around mobility and telecom expense management. 

It includes the following modules:

Consolidated purchasing and approval process in one simple online platform with customised catalogue.

  • Capture
    Capture approved assets and services in an organisation-defined catalogue for effortless, accurate procurement.
  • Order confidently
    Using your approved catalogue, MobileCorp fulfills orders with fast turnaround to SLA
  • Link assets, employees and cost centres
    Allocate assets and costs to each employee and aligned cost centre at the procurement stage.
  • Predefined order bundles
    Further streamline procurement by setting pre-defined bundles for different role types.
  • Track requests and fulfilments
    Track status of all orders and requests in one simple location.

A single point of contact for all mobility services for end users and administrators.

  • Manage and monitor
    Manage all services and assets through the platform, keeping a running history and real-time status of requests for each asset.
  • Single point of contact for expert support
     Clean auditable tickets of work for fulfilment. Experienced Australian-based support team.
  • Keep consolidated records
    Minimise hours of searching – all activity is automatically attached to the asset’s history for simple, fast tracking.

Gain visibility and control of costs and assets

  • Asset Management
    Stop trying to manage assets in siloed spreadsheets. Build, track and manage all of your assets throughout their lifecycle in a central location.
  • Cost Transparency
    View and allocate assets and spend easily, giving leaders and cost centre managers clarity and cultivating accountability.
  • Cost Control
    Turn thousands of lines of billing data into visible, actionable data. Identify redundant services in seconds. See how you can redeploy assets already in the organisation.
  • Pinpoint Issues Quickly
    Get across things that need your immediate action quickly, and easily.
  • Audit carrier billing
    Ensure correct rates are being charged. Highlight unauthorised and excess charges.
  • Monitor data usage
    Monitor end user usage and shared data allowances.

Link your UEM environment to your managed mobility platform

  • Link UEM profiles with service information
    Capture UEM profile at procurement, ensuring every device is protected with appropriate data, application and user profile settings.
  • Oversee profiles
    See profiles, devices, compliance and get general UEM reporting through the MMS platform.

Ensure compliance with corporate mobility policy for risk mitigation 

  • Best Practice Dashboard
    Highlight activity across all stages of mobility management with dashboards that are configurable for your organisation.
  • Strategic Account Manager
    Like having an inhouse specialist. Leverage the knowledge of your MobileCorp account manager for strategic consultation and expert advice, carrier negotiations, issue escalation, governance and compliance reporting.
  • Business Intelligence Analytics
    Real-time analytics from mobile fleet management. Utilise customised reporting to drive optimisation and cost savings.
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MobileCorp’s Custom Managed Mobility

Looking for a custom solution? Start with MobileCorp's foundation MMS module and add optional additional modules – or not.

Foundation module

MobileCorp’s foundation MMS module includes all the services that organisations need to manage the day-to-day operational demands of corporate fleet management. 

It covers device and service procurement, carriage management, lifecycle management, and outsources the workload of end user service and support to a specialist MobileCorp helpdesk. 

It delivers the specialist knowledge required to provision carrier and network services and removes the time-consuming need to communicate with your chosen carrier.

  • A customised portal with custom catalogue of approved devices and services. 
  • Simplified ordering process with unique order number assigned for order tracking and status updates. 
  • Procurement records synchronised with carrier records and asset inventory.

Open the box – switch on the device – start work!

Device provisioning delivers secure, efficient on-boarding. It lets employees get on with the job immediately.

MobileCorp offers a customised ‘out of the box’ zero-touch provisioning service for smartphones and tablets. This typically includes opening the device packaging, inserting the SIM card and activating the carrier account, applying a screen protector, and adding a protective case. 

Provisioning is often bundled with a Zero-Touch deployment and/or a UEM managed service.

Accordion Content

  • Don’t miss out on a device
  • Be shielded from supply constraints by our warehousing which allows stockpiling of devices to shield our customers from supply constraints. We’ll also let you know in advance if a device in your fleet is about to go end-of-life so that you can plan for a transition.
  • Have your order in 24 hours
  • We guarantee that devices ordered from us will be delivered to you within 24 hours if it is humanly possible. Yes, there are times there will be delays but these are the exception to the norm.
  • Choose the speed of your repair
    • Executive Swap-Out for Very Important Devices
    • Break-Fix for super fast same day replacement configured with corporate profile and device provisioning
    • Standard repair management including quotation, repair centre management, post-repair testing, inventory updating.
  • MobileBuy-back Program
  • Telstra-approved buy-back program for unwanted devices with proceeds applied to your Telstra account for the purchased of new devices and managed services
    • Sustainable end of life management
    • Renew, re-use, recycle. MobileCorp supports a circular economy actively working towards a zero contribution to e-waste through our
7-point Sustainability Program
  • All carrier network services managed by MobileCorp. No need to put up the phone to Telstra ever again!
  • All adds, moves and changes to contracted and casual Telstra plans
  • International roaming, data management
  • Billing enquiries and issue resolution, credit claims
  • Fault management
  • Fleet refresh, renewals and transitions
  • Flagged Priority Request Fulfillment
    Go to the top of the queue. Have your requests flagged as priority and completed by next available customer service representative.
  • Guaranteed Service SLAs
    Our commitment to meeting your professional expectations.
  • Dedicated Support Team
    An aligned team of mobility service professionals who know your organisations’s policies, and plans inside out for swift and accurate fulfillment.
  • Expert Account Management
    Like having an inhouse expert, your MobileCorp account manager will provide strategic and operational advice and assistance.

The MobileCorp service team  are experts in their own right.

Based at our Sydney head office, they are all experienced and capable support agents with many years of Telstra knowledge.

We align specific team members with customers so that you will talk to the same one or two people all the time. 

They will learn the policies, procedures and Telstra corporate plans for your business and leverage their knowledge and experience to get your requests resolved efficiently.

They also have direct access to Telstra network systems to action your requests quickly.

We are experts in managing bulk contract changes and plan movements, applying all the back-of-house codes to ensure that your workforce enjoys a smooth transition without disruption to their service. 

We also have a proven track record with mass porting projects, onboarding new Telstra contracts efficiently and accurately.

MobileCorp is an accredited provider of the following zero-touch deployment programs

  • Apple Business Manager (formerly Apple DEP)
  • Samsung Knox
  • Android Enterprise Zero Touch

Device enrolment programs work in combination with a UEM solution to deliver a managed initial deployment of devices.

The benefits of device enrolment coupled with UEM are:

  • simplified and automated device set-up
  • low or zero touch deployment to end users
  • disable the end user’s ability to un-enroll from UEM
  • place devices in a Supervised mode

Specialist modules

MobileCorp Managed Mobility Service MMS is an outsourced managed service suite to relieve organisations from the day-to-day operational tasks of managing the corporate mobile fleet.

MobileCorp offers a custom MMS ‘made to measure’ for specific corporate requirements. 

Choose your Managed Mobility Service by bundling modules from:

  • Market-leading vendors MobileCorp partners with market-leading mobile security vendors. Our preferred partner is Wandera.
  •  Wandera Partner
    MobileCorp is a Wandera partner. We offer Wandera professional services including:
    • solution consultancy
    • licensing
    • solution implementation
    • integration with UEM environment
    • integration with identity and access management (IAM) solutions and single sign-on (SSO)

    We also offer an ongoing managed service to monitor, manage and provide relevant reporting from the Wandera environment.
  • Custom Security Service
    MobileCorp recommends the use of a UEM environment for security management, however we will offer a manual service to companies who require it.

    MobileCorp will apply security configurations to lock down corporate-owned devices. This could include enforcing a PIN code, disabling the camera, or restricting access to the App Store, iTunes, Bluetooth or GPS.

    We can also offer manual installation of chosen applications onto mobile devices. This may include custom applications belonging to the company, or selected applications such as Outlook, Microsoft Teams or Skype for Business.

MobileCorp has extensive experience and expertise with all the leading EMM and UEM platforms including

  • VMWare
  • Microsoft Intune
  • IBMaaS
  • MobileIron
  • SOTI
  • Jamf

Our UEM expertise includes 

  • audit and remediation of existing instances
  • design and build of new instances, configuration of profiles
  • deployment of environment, enrolling and deploying bulk devices
  • security management including device wipe, kiosk mode, profile sync
  • remote application management
  • proactive monitoring and technical support service desk
  • data and asset management and reporting

MobileCorp has delivered M2M solutions utilising Telstra Jasper SIMS for customers such as TNT and Coates Hire.

MobileCorp’s professional and managed services include:

  • solution architecture
  • equipment supply
  • project management
  • solution deployment
  • connectivity management
  • ongoing managed service including adds, moves, changes to the network, connectivity monitoring, remote fault diagnosis, carrier management

The market verticals we serve with M2M include:

  • asset management
  • telematics
  • telehealth
  • digital signage
  • smart cameras
  • device fleet tracking
  • remote working
  • mobile payments

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As a Telstra Platinum Partner, MobileCorp is aligned with Australia’s leading 5G network operator.

We design, deploy and apply a range of IoT solutions utilising the Telstra network including:

  • MOVUS FitMachine®
  • Connected Vehicles
  • MTData
  • Teletrac Navman
  • Fleet Complete
  • Mobileye®
  • Telstra Digital Water Metering
  • MOVUS FitMachine®
  • Telstra Captis Environment
  • Telstra IoT Control Centre Cumulosity 

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Track and Monitor TM is an asset tracking and location data solution.Its sensors and location data portal provide ‘real time’ visibility of assets.


The business value of an asset tracking solution is wider than loss prevention. The data will enable the business to:
  • reduce the cost of lost or missing assets
  • turn location data into decisions
  • connect supply chain management
  • improve customer experience
MobileCorp is a Telstra Platinum Partner with capability and experience delivering the Track and Monitor TM solution with business use cases across multiple verticals.


Our professional service includes:
  • design consultancy
  • solution architecture
  • project management
  • equipment supply
  • connectivity management
  • deployment
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We partner with leading location-based analytics solution providers such as Cisco Meraki.

Our managed service includes capabilities in:

  • solution design, costing and licensing
  • equipment supply – cameras, beacons, sensors
  • device configuration and zero touch provisioning
  • project management and solution installation
  • remote diagnostics – utilising remote management tools to resolve issues and provide support relating to packet capture and cable testing
  • analytics and reporting
  • 24/7 support service desk – technical specialists to resolve issues and push firmware updates

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MobileCorp Managed Mobility for Telstra Customers

MobileCorp is a Telstra Platinum Partner. This means that we have a proven track record delivering Managed Mobility solutions to Telstra enterprise, government and business customers.

Your MobileCorp account manager and your Telstra account team are closely aligned and we leverage our knowledge gained over 30 years’ as a Telstra partner to ensure value from your Telstra relationship.

MobileCorp Managed Mobility Service can be purchased using Telstra Loyalty funds and charged on your monthly Telstra bill.

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