Telstra has partnered with global endpoint security leader, Wandera, to launch Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect for Apple corporate fleets.

Extended to 31 December 2021, Telstra enterprise and business customers with iOS devices will be eligible to purchase two Wandera product licences - Mobile Threat Defence, and, Data Policy Manager (Content Filtering) - for the price of one. 

RRP for each licence is $3.00 per iOS service per month. Both licences will cost a total of $3.00 inc.GST.

MobileCorp - as both a Telstra Platinum Partner and Wandera Security Master is able to leverage this offer for Telstra iOS customers.

Complete the form - or - call MobileCorp on 1800 243 252 to take advantage of this promotion

Download Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect Brochure

Telstra Enterprise Mobile Protect brochure branded cover

Wandera is the answer to the Covid-19 WFH shift

To be a business that is not proactively minimising its exposure to mobile endpoint risk in 2021 is unforgivable.

Covid-19 has brought home to many organisations just how critical it is to secure and manage enterprise endpoints. 

It doesn’t matter how locked down your network is, if you have unsecured ‘invisible’ corporate devices sitting outside and accessing that network, the risk is real. 

Data breach and data consumption are the two key flash points for commercial and reputational risk. 

End-to-End Protection with Wandera and MobileCorp

MobileCorp’s preferred mobile security and data policy compliance vendor, is Wandera.

There are three critical components to the Wandera solution:

  1. Mobile Threat Defence – effective endpoint security and real-time prevention of network attacks
  2. Mobile Data Policy – enforce acceptable use and prevent excessive data usage 
  3. Conditional Access – zero trust network access 

MobileCorp and Wandera managed service

MobileCorp is a Wandera Security Master. We offer Wandera professional services including:

  • solution architecture
  • licence procurement
  • instance build
  • onboarding
  • integration with a UEM environment
  • integration with identity and access management (IAM) solutions and single sign-on (SSO)

We also offer an ongoing managed service to

  • monitor the instance and respond to alerts
  • manage users
  • report on threats, vulnerabilities, compliance, data usage

Wandera Mobile Threat Defence 

Wandera is powered by a threat intelligence engine that ingests information from 425 million mobile sensors daily to protect against the broadest range of known and zero day threats.

  • monitors endpoints for vulnerabilities
  • performs continuous app risk assessments
  • detects man-in-the-middle attacks and opens a fail-safe VPN tunnel to ensure business continuity

Stop attacks from reaching endpoints in the first place

  • protect against known and zero-day phishing threats
  • stop malicious downloads and connections to third-party app stores
  • monitor for data leaks and prevent sensitive data loss. 

Apply a continuous risk assessment of endpoints before enabling access. If an endpoint is compromised or at high risk, access can be denied.

  • integrate with UEM to automatically apply risk-based access policies for endpoints

Download Data Sheet

Wandera mobile

Wandera Mobile Data Policy

Ensure that remote users only access only approved sites, applications and services.

  • enforce acceptable online behaviour with intelligent content filtering rules
  • mitigate legal exposure from non-compliant or illicit use
  • prevent sensitive corporate data from being exposed on personally enabled cloud apps
  • block unsanctioned services via the browser and application

Prevent excessive data usage

  • get clarity of data consumption with real-time analytics and detailed reporting
  • prevent bill shock by capping and limiting non-business data usage
  • reduce roaming charges with overseas data management controls

Download Data Sheet

Wandera mobile

Wandera Conditional Access 

Zero-trust network access

  • provide remote workers with fast, encrypted access to private resources, while reducing the risk of lateral attacks
  • enable contractors with access to corporate resources from specific applications or web domains, defined using role-based access control
  • empower DevOps with access over any protocol – without complicated firewall setup
  • reduce the risk of data leaks by ensuring only authenticated, secure devices are able to access corporate SaaS resources

Adaptive access based on risk

  • broker access to cloud applications through Wandera for sanctioned endpoints only, while reducing friction and requirements for step-up authentications
  • ensure a consistent user access experience, regardless of user location
  • continuously assess risk at the endpoint, even during active user sessions, before enabling access
Wandera Solution

Wandera for Telstra customers

Leverage MobileCorp’s expertise as a Telstra Platinum Partner to understand the options for purchasing Wandera with a Telstra service.

Through MobileCorp, Telstra customers may be able to obtain Wandera licensing and MobileCorp Wandera professional services at no additional charge with selected Telstra corporate plans. 

Telstra customers may also be eligible to use Loyalty funds for Wandera licensing and MobileCorp Wandera services.


Until 30 September 2021 Telstra enterprise and business customers with iOS devices will be eligible to purchase two Wandera product licences - Mobile Threat Defence, and, Data Policy Manager (Content Filtering) - for the price of one.

Contact MobileCorp on 1800 243 252 or complete the email form below.