device enrolment programs work with EMM to deliver a zero-touch deployment 

Simplified, secure and automated device set-up

Device enrolment programs work in combination with a EMM or UEM solution to deliver a managed initial deployment of devices.

The benefits of device enrolment coupled with EMM|UEM are:

  • simplified and automated device set-up
  • low or zero touch deployment to end users
  • disable the end user’s ability to unenroll from EMM|UEM
  • provide visibility of enrolment compliance
  • place devices in a ‘Supervised’ mode

Apple, Samsung, Android and Windows programs

Apple, Samsung, Android Enterprise Zero-touch and Windows AutoPilot have device enrolment programs which enable enrolment in an EMM|UEM.

MobileCorp leverages these programs to enrol devices in EMM|UEM platforms like VMware Workspace ONE, Microsoft Intune, Jamf, and Microsoft Endpoint Manager.

Devices are enrolled with dependent on the device make and the EMM|UEM environment they will be utilising. 

Each device is associated with a unique ID which can automatically ‘push’ a management profile from the Cloud to the device.

An EMM|UEM profile provides a wide range of remote management and security tools and delivers visibility of endpoint devices. 

MobileCorp is a signatory to the Apple Device Enrolment Program now known as Apple Business Manager.

Apple Business Manager simplifies initial device set-up by automatically enrolling devices in a third-party EMM|UEM environment without IT having to physically touch or prep each device before deployment to end users.

MobileCorp is also an Apple Reseller and Apple Authorised Repairer.


Knox is Samsung’s device enrolment and security platform protecting against intrusion and malware for smartphones, tablets and wearables.

MobileCorp enrols Samsung devices in Knox to leverage security for devices, to have a proof of purchase and ownership record, and to enable push of a third-party EMM|UEM profile.


Windows Autopilot simplifies enrolling devices into Microsoft Intune and VMware Workspace ONE.

With Microsoft Intune and Workspace ONE, new devices are able to be deployed to end users without the need to build, maintain, and apply custom operating system images to the devices.

Intune and Workspace ONE manage policies, profiles, apps, and more on enrolled Windows devices.

Windows autopilot

MobileCorp was the only Australian company accredited to manage Android Zero-Touch deployments across Australia and New Zealand.

Android Zero-Touch allows bulk provisioning of Android devices providing a low or zero-touch experience for end users and simplifying the process for IT.

For more information about MobileCorp’s Zero-Touch accreditation  go here.

Android Enterprise Zero-Touch Partner Directory go here.


MobileCorp device enrolment service

Device enrolment programs enable deployment of an MDM|UEM environment. In turn, these solutions allow visibility, remote management and security of endpoint devices.

MobileCorp’s EMM engineers have proven capability in deploying device enrolment programs and EMM|UEM.