complaining about a problem without posing a solution is called whining

-Theodore Roosevelt, President of the United States of America 1901-1909

Solution architecture is the description of a process which matches business value and goals with the IT technology that will deliver them.

Solution architecture is business-value focussed, rather than just IT solution driven. It combines an understanding of the business drivers and business objectives with the specialist technical knowledge of potential IT products and technologies that will deliver to those objectives.

MobileCorp solution architecture services

MobileCorp offers the following solution architecture services:

  • solution architecture assessments
  • solution and product evaluations
  • architecture roadmaps
  • architecture framework and tools
  • solution implementation and project management

MobileCorp has experienced solution architects in our Managed ICT team. They specialise in Mobility, Networks and Cloud-based solution design.

Examples of MobileCorp solution architecture projects include:

  • TNT Express: IoT solution to automate M2M connectivity of barcode scanners
  • Advanced Buildings: delivering connectivity to a remote construction site
  • Coates Hire: delivering connectivity to compromised Darwin office building
  • Element14: network upgrade to Business SIP to avoid ISDN disconnection
MobileCorp solution architecture services
MobileCorp’s 8-steps to a successful solution design

MobileCorp solution architects follow a tried and test best practice process to deliver effective architecture design and implementation.

The 8-step plan covers:

Step 1. Engagement: engaging with stakeholders and defining objectives

Step 2. Business Case: justifying the business case and decision-making around a CapEx v OpEx approach

Step 3. ROI: analysing return on investment

Step 4. Evaluation: evaluation of potential technologies

Step 5. Integration: integration with existing architecture

Step 6. Design: designing an optimal solution and obtaining buy-in from stakeholders

Step 7. Proof of Concept: creation of a solution prototype or Proof of Concept (POC) if required for trial and testing purposes

Step 8. Communication: liaison with stakeholders throughout the execution of the design

MobileCorp’s 8-steps to a successful solution design
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