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A site assessment is typically required to confirm an existing infrastructure, to upgrade equipment, or to plan for a new network design. It may also be required as part of an investigation into compromised network performance, or prior to a relocation.

Some situations which usually require a technician to attend onsite to assess the infrastructure set-up are:

  • new sites
  • site relocations
  • temporary sites
  • compromised sites especially those experiencing connectivity issues
  • network upgrades
  • NBN migrations
  • cloud migrations
MobileCorp site assessment service

MobileCorp routinely undertakes a range of site-based network and connectivity assessments to meet audit, security, planning, performance, quotation and due diligence business drivers.

A MobileCorp site assessment will typically focus on five areas for examination:

  1. infrastructure
  2. performance
  3. availability
  4. management
  5. security

We have a partner network of technicians who will attend onsite and perform a site assessment, gathering data and producing or confirming an existing network diagram.

The results from the analysis are then utilised to develop specific recommendations that focus on design, equipment configuration, security measures and network management strategy improvements, which are presented as a Site Assessment Report.

MobileCorp site assessment service

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