NextDay Connect is a mobile-based connectivity solution for enterprise and business grade customers who require next day private network access.

NextDay Connect by MobileCorp

NextDay Connect was developed by MobileCorp as an agile, assured network connectivity solution, suitable for interim or permanent access, for enterprise or business-grade customers.

It was initially envisioned as a solution for sites which were waiting on fixed infrastructure from NBN or Telstra. However, NextDay Connect has proven suitable for a range of use cases.

Why NextDay Connect?

NextDay Connect is simple and swift to deploy, may require no capital expenditure, and utilises Telstra’s 4G/5G network.

The solution utilises leading routers, owned or leased, and managed by MobileCorp to assist with fast deployment. Turnaround time is executed in days rather than months. Failover redundancy is delivered through the use of dual SIM technology.

Key Features

  • leading global router technology
  • dual SIM routers for failover redundancy
  • operational with 4G, 4GX and ready for 5G
  • full visibility of network connectivity through online portal
  • remote diagnosis and management of routers
  • technical service desk for site or end user support
  • no lock-in contract period
  • equipment and managed service can be charged monthly on Telstra bill
NextDay Connect
NextDay Connect business use cases

NextDay Connect allows rapid connections and disconnections, and simplified site relocations.

It is a viable solution for temporary or permanent access and is particularly relevant where fixed line connectivity is unavailable or compromised.

Use cases include:

  • sites waiting for nbn including governance-related delivery issues
  • remote and regional locations without fixed line infrastructure
  • alternative last-mile access to ADSL
  • ISDN migrations waiting on Telstra cabling
  • agriculture, mining, and defence industry locations
  • transient sites such as road and rail projects
  • hospitality venues requiring ad-hoc connectivity
  • pop-up stores, short term retail outlets
  • construction sites
  • retail outlets with poor connectivity such as shopping malls
  • in-vehicle connectivity
  • offshore sites such as oil rigs
  • events such as festivals, markets, fete
NextDay Connect business use cases
MobileCorp NextDay Connect managed service

Project Scope
Partnering with the customer, we will prepare a Project Scope which articulates the business case, clarifies the required outcomes, and scopes the resources, timeframe, costs, and return on investment.

Site Audit
A site audit may be required to confirm the existing infrastructure design and placement, and to identify access points and potential barriers. There may also be a need to test signal strength, antennas, and hardware.

Network Environment Design
MobileCorp’s technical specialist will prepare a detailed network design diagram demonstrating the infrastructure solution and identifying the location of hardware for installation.

Proof of Concept
To ensure that NextDay Connect is fit for purpose, MobileCorp will complete a POC when it is deemed sensible to do so, in collaboration with the customer. This may attract an additional charge dependent on the supply, configuration and installation of hardware, and on third party connectivity charges.

Project Management Scope of Works
MobileCorp will provide a detailed Scope of Works and Project Management Plan for the NextDay Connect solution implementation.

Infrastructure Build and Testing
MobileCorp will be responsible for the NextDay Connect infrastructure installation and onsite testing.

Monthly Managed Service
MobileCorp provides an ongoing managed service providing:

  • proactive monitoring with automated alert
  • remote hardware and connectivity diagnosis
  • equipment retrieval/replacement
  • carrier provisioning
  • carrier bill audit
  • licensing
  • business intelligence insights and reporting
  • support service desk

Infrastructure Management