there’s a lot to like about Telstra Internet Direct…

speed, reliability, scalability and security
on Austraia’s leading network

What is Telstra Internet Direct ?

Telstra Internet Direct is a secure, uncontended connection to the Telstra network – the largest core internet backbone in Australia.

Telstra is a Tier 1 ISP and competitive advantage comes from the Telstra network with multiple access points and high-speed links across Australia, and to connect globally.

TID is designed for business-critical operations and has exceptional availability and scalability. It offers more Points of Presence across Australia and world-wide resulting in ease and speed of access.

What to like about Telstra Internet Direct – TID

There’s a lot to like about TID – speed, reliability, scalability and security come to mind. Key features include:

  • guaranteed bandwidth 24/7
  • symmetrical speeds for fast upload/download
  • more access points across Australia and to the world
  • redundancy paths and security built into the core network
  • core TID network availability at 99.995%
  • a range of access types, speeds and usage
  • lower latency and packet loss to maximise application performance

These features translate into business benefits including:

  • Improved productivity from faster access
  • Customisation with the ability to apply differing levels of usage and speed to individual sites
  • Security as redundancy paths are built into the core network
  • Better application performance due to lower latency and less packet loss
  • Reliability with target availability of 99.995%
  • Future-ready by seamless integration with security, cloud and network solutions
  • Control and visibility with an online portal

MobileCorp TID professional service

As a Telstra Platinum Partner, MobileCorp has the experience and knowledge, hard earned over 30 years, to leverage the best of Telstra’s network for our customers.

MobileCorp offers:

  • TID network solution design
  • project management for TID new builds, upgrades and relocations
  • 24/7 monitoring and management of the network
  • online portal providing visibility of all sites and users in the network
  • network engineers with extensive TID knowledge and experience
  • expert account management and a strategic roadmap

MobileCorp can also integrate security, cloud services and private network solutions.

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MobileCorp TID professional service