Outsource Your Endpoint Management to A Trusted Expert with A Proven Track Record of Providing MDM Solutions.

MobileCorp MDM Solutions | UEM Managed Service

MobileCorp provides a UEM managed service for smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices and PCs.

We have thousands of devices under management for Australian enterprise and business customers.

From building a UEM instance, through testing and deployment, to ongoing management and service desk, MobileCorp has accredited highly skilled UEM engineers to deliver your UEM environment.

Our managed mobile services and solutions include:

  • audit and remediation of existing instances
  • design and build of new instances, configuration of profiles
  • deployment of environment, enrolling and deploying bulk devices
  • security management including device wipe, kiosk mode, profile sync
  • remote application management
  • proactive monitoring and technical support service desk
  • data and asset management and reporting

To learn more about how MobileCorp can assist your business, call us on 1800 253 242 or email info@mobilecorp.com.au.

  • Due diligence audit of existing instance for threats, security lapses and performance limitations
  • Remediation services to repair, restructure or extend the instance
  • Completed without business disruption

MobileCorp specialist UEM team will scope, design and build a new UEM instance with custom profiles; or re-configure an existing instance. Our skillset includes:

  • instance build in the cloud or on premise
  • DEP and Knox integration
  • integration with third-party security products, such as antivirus, endpoint protection, and mobile threat defence
  • standard and extended profiles
  • kiosk settings
  • identity authentication and management
Device Sourcing
  • procurement of devices from reputable suppliers
  • procurement of devices on MRO Telstra plans or from MOTIF  
Device Enrolment
  • Apple DEP, Samsung Knox and Google Zero-Touch enrolment management
  • only Australian vendor to provide Google Zero-Touch enrolment across Australia and New Zealand
‘Out of Box’ Provisioning
  • over the air configuration of users’ corporate email accounts, office Wi-Fi credentials, VPN
  • simplified automated zero-touch set-up for end users
Bulk Deployments
  • proven track record deploying thousands of devices Australia-wide to deadline
  • project management
  • on-site training or support personnel
MobileCorp offers a UEM managed service which includes the following modules:


Operational Management
  • new devices enrolled and configurated prior to deployment
  • over-the-air (OTA) management of a high volume of devices  
Security Management
  • device remote-wipe or lock available 24x7x365
  • profile sync available 24x7x365
  • devices locked down to specific apps
  • devices unlocked without the requirement of the end users’ credentials
  • password and privacy/security policies  
Application Management
  • automated deployment of business apps without requiring the end user to input their credentials
  • remote management of applications install, remove, and updates
Asset Management
  • asset inventory register of all devices and their MDM environment compliance status
  • asset model, assigned user, device storage and battery level, serial number, OS version, and apps installed  
Data Management
  • cloud-based inventory to automatically collect and report data
  • review data usage per device to assist with expense management
  • password and privacy/security policies to protect data
Proactive Monitoring
  • set alerts e.g. MDM disabled, no connectivity, device jailbroken
  • certified UEM engineers
  • available AEST|AEDT business hours
  • ticketed service model
  • performed to Service Level Agreement
Ticketed Support Service
  • level 1-3 escalation support service desk
  • performing to SLA
  • certified MDM Engineers
End User Support
  • dedicated email address and phoneline for end users requiring support
MobileCorp can provide a fully outsourced management service, or co-manage an instance with an internal IT resource. Regardless, our UEM team will provide clarity and visibility of an organisation’s environment to meet governance and compliance criteria.


MDM Account Management
  • know who your dedicated MobileCorp MDM account manager is by name
  • strategic partner providing UEM insights and support
  • first point of contact for issue escalation
 Monthly Reporting
  • dashboard report of fleet status, compliance, service activity and user behaviour
  • highlighting opportunities and making recommendations for remediation, and potential cost savings
  • meeting governance and security compliance requirements

The MDM to UEM Technology Shift

Mobile Device Management [MDM] no longer accurately describes the capabilities of these cloud-based SaaS solutions and environments. Far from just device management, the features first expanded to include application and content management, and in the past two years have shifted into management of all endpoint devices and fixed devices.

In line with the technology expansion the language has moved from Mobile Device Management [MDM] to Enterprise Mobility Management [EMM] and since 2018, it’s more recently moved to Unified Endpoint Management [UEM] solutions.

As one of the leading enterprise mobility management companies in Australia, MobileCorp has UEM solution specialists and engineers to design, build, deploy and manage custom MDM cloud solutions, enterprise managed mobility services and UEM environments. We have a proven track record delivering a UEM managed service to a range of enterprise and business customers across the country, and we can assist your business too.


Choosing the Right UEM Solution

VMWare and Microsoft are the two most popular UEM platforms in Australia and MobileCorp has extensive experience with both platforms.

However, many global companies require their Australian business to use the same environment as used overseas. To meet this need, MobileCorp has also developed capability in MobileIron, SOTI and Citrix Xenmobile.

In reality, there is not a great deal of difference in the features and benefits of the different managed mobile services and UEM products, but one may suit an organisation better than another.

This is dependent upon the company’s existing infrastructure and software. Licensing for each of the UEM platforms is also a free inclusion in some carrier plans, or with purchases of other products.

At its discretion, Telstra may offer a free T-MDM (VMWare) licence with certain Corporate Mobile Plans when fleet size and spend reach set eligibility criteria. Microsoft may offer free Intune licensing with the purchase of other Microsoft product suites.